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Woodology Creations

Where Science Meets Art

One of the most skilled craftsmen in the Johannesburg area, Professor Albin Baecker started Woodology Creations with just the passion to create beautiful masterpieces that last a lifetime. That passion has grown immeasurably, and now it's focus has shifted to combine a love of woodcraft with skills, technique and what our customers need.

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For the love of design

Professionally, Prof. Baecker is an environmental biotechnologist who has taught all levels of microbiology in Europe and at 3 South African universities. He has over thirty years of experience in management of large scale research projects and intellectual property management and commercialisation. For example, he invented the Biotrans Pole Sleeve ( and in 1992 started the southern hemisphere’s only private practice in biotransformations of wood.


As a member of the International Research Group on Wood Preservation, a former group of OECD experts, he became its Group Leader in Barrier Protection Systems in 1997. His scientific work since then has centred on that research, but he has also authored over 100 scientific papers and 60 patents while supervising 20 M.Sc and Ph.D students who now work all over the world.

Baecker has never commissioned the harvesting of rare wood trees merely for their timber in the past, and WOODOLOGY CREATIONS would never do so in the future. When such wood has been used to manufacture products the timber has always been sourced from mature trees that have fallen (deadfall timber) or were about to fall at the ends of their natural lives. Similarly, Baecker routinely upcycles for posterity abandoned wood resources that would otherwise rot and be lost for ever.

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