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By designing wooden products on the
basis of the mechanical and physical
properties of the timber species
used, such products are inherently
functional, fit for purpose and
should last for generations. A wellknown
example in this regard is the
South African trek wagon subjected
to extreme physical and climatic
challenges during the pioneering
days in this country. Those wagons
were constructed by extremely
knowledgeable timber experts who
exploited the different properties of
over twenty different wood species
each suited for the particular service
conditions of the various parts
of a single wagon, That concept
inspired the WOODOLOGY slogan
of “Designing With Nature” and
every product in the WOODOLOGY
range stemmed from the idea
that wooden household products
should be designed to match the
properties of the wood species with
the requirements of the product.
A wooden product designed and
constructed on that basis is therefore
truly fit-for-purpose, durable, and
should last for generations as the trek
wagons did. Similarly, WOODOLOGY
products should not only be practical
and serviceable, but also attractive
and decorative. And lastly, the
products should be affordable since
most people who see them say that
they want to own them. There are
many such products offered in the
WOODOLOGY catalogue, each of
them designed to give a lifetime of
service and pleasure to its owner.

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