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A massive live edge Indian Mahogany coffee table.


A single slab 6 feet long, 3 inches thick and made by an expert craftsman

(raw slab value alone is $1,500 when cut)

The Conquistador

SKU: 364215376135191
Color: Brown
  • Many things are billed as unique nowadays but its usually just a word.





    The coffee table offered for sale here is unique in many different ways.


    THE MATERIAL IS OF THE HIGHEST QUALITY – the table is made from a massive slab of the superior and extremely rare wood of the Indian Mahogany tree.


    THE DESIGN IS OF THE HIGHEST QUALITY – the natural characteristics of the wood have been highlighted in the creation of this table and its sympathetic design serves to enhance the beauty of this rare material.



    THE MANUFACTURE IS OF THE HIGHEST QUALITY – this table was hand-made to the highest standards of excellence by an expert in wood preservation and craftsmanship. Its careful construction results in a piece of high quality furniture that is both handsome and hard-wearing and which will withstand the test of time. It is an antique of the future.


    Although several tables were made from the same tree, each table is individually designed and crafted so that each is exclusive to its final owner.


    Each piece is truly unique – no-one else will own one like it. THERE IS ONLY ONE!


    The table is personally signed by its designer and creator and certified with a heavy brass plate, buffed to impart a lustrous sheen to complement the fine wood.


    The coffee table’s dimensions are 1,760mm long, 1,150mm wide and 530mm high, while the top is 85mm thick. It is located in the manufacturer’s Johannesburg studio.


    This coffee table was designed and made for the discerning customer, for someone who understands luxury and quality. Could that be you?


    If you would like a fuller description, check out the Woodology Creations Facebook page on:


    Additionally, a full colour brochure describing this project from log to table is available in electronic format on request by e-mailing Albin Baecker on

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