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The Jacobean 2's dimensions are 1,870mm long, 1,120mm wide and 660mm high while the top is 85mm thick.  Made from a single piece of Indian Mahogany and expertly crafted, this beautiful coffee table makes a the show piece of any livingroom. 

Jacobean 2

  • The first step in this table’s manufacture was to prevent the board from warping in service. Stiffening members were therefore placed in position on the underside of the board. The design also required to ensure that the massive piece of wood could expand and contract without splitting under any climatic conditions, therefore lateral slots were constructed at each end of each member to accept the bolts that would ultimately attach it to the wood.



    The support structure was then constructed and the underside of the board was sanded flat. A coat of abrasion-resistant varnish was applied to the wood, which was resanded, signed and dated before the surface was given four more coats of abrasion-resistant varnish. The top and support structure were then finished similarly.

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